One of the most concerning, controversial actions, stemming from the ramifications and impacts of this horrific pandemic, is, how to best, reopen schools, while balancing a variety of public health, and other relevant, realistic concerns. While, President Trump, states his demand, for schools to reopen, this Fall, as, in so many other of his suggestions/ ideas, he fails to suggest a viable, well – considered, plan of action, to do so. It seems to many, he, and his administration, are, at best, being somewhat – cavalier, and, at worst, a combination of uncaring, deceitful, and negligent, in terms of the health, and well – being, of the children, teaches, school staff and administration, as well as the potential ramification, for those, they come into contact, with! Others, such as New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, declare their desire to reopen the schools, but, to do so, safely, and in accordance with common sense, public health measures. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 factors, which should be considered.

1. Reopening schools needed for many parents, to be able to return to work: There are many reasons, students benefit, when they attend schools. In addition, a key economic consideration, is the negative economic ramifications, in terms of parents, being able to return to school, if their children, would, otherwise, be left, at – home, unattended.

2. Educational needs: While some are capable of remote learning, and some programs, with certain students, are effective, many find remote learning, far more challenging, in terms of maintaining the necessary discipline, paying attention, doing follow – up assignments (homework), and being able to fully immerse oneself in a subject, and learn it, as effectively, as he would do, under standard ways of teaching. Obviously, there are potential. somewhat – dire ramifications, of educational interruptions, etc.

3. Health risks to children: Many have been revolted by the rhetoric, from Vice President Pence, minimizing the potential negative impacts, to children. However, his rhetoric, and the actual data, appear to be far different, and, recently, we have witnessed, many more infected children.

4. Health risks to teachers and staff: How about the potential, health risks, faced by teachers, administrators, and other school staff?

5. Impact on others: Remember, students, teachers, administrators, and school staff, all, come into contact with many others. If, any of these people, become infected, what impact, might, that have on others in the community, as well as their families, including their parents, grand – parents, etc?

6. What might a classroom look like?: Calls for reopening, regardless, from politicians, such as President Trump, Vice President Pence, administration members, and spokespersons, as well as Governors, such as, Florida’s Governor DeSantis, seem to ignore, potential health ramifications! To open, safely, factors, needing to be, addressed, and considered, include: quality air circulation and purification/ sanitation; Social Distancing; wearing masks; adjusting the delivery of education (such as: hybrid; shifts; etc), and, parent cooperation, modifications, and sufficient funding.

7. What if someone gets sick?: We’ve recently seen, even the well – financed, often – tested, professional sports leagues, including those, such as the National Basketball Association’ s, so – called, bubble, have experienced cases of positive tests. They have, contingencies, in – place, where those, individuals, are isolated, for 14 days, and must get 2 negative tests, before being able to return. What if, someone in a school, was infected, especially without a sufficient, consistent, regular degree of testing? What might be the marble – effect, on the rest of the school, and the overall public?

While it is important for educational, learning, emotional/ mental health and well – being, economic reasons, etc, unless/ until, school reopening is done, in a well – considered, planned, meaningful, realistic, reasonable, affordable way, instead of over – emphasizing on the same – old, same – old, the ultimate ramifications, might be extremely undesirable! This isn’t about populist, political rhetoric, etc, but about doing what’s right, and best, for the public’s common good, etc!

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