You may think that making money from being a writer is a difficult thing to do. And perhaps if you want to publish novels or work for a national magazine that is the case. But if what you want is to have the freedom to work when and where you want, working from home or from wherever you happen to be, and you want to earn good money from being a writer, then you should seriously consider the possibilities offered by writing reviews and publishing them online.

Review writing is one of the biggest work from home opportunities that have been opened up in recent years from the growth of the internet. Anyone who has reasonable writing skills and a good grasp of the English language can be successful doing this, and can earn a good amount of money

What you review is completely up to you. You can review the products that you buy and use, you can review the restaurants and bars that you visit, or the hotels and even vacation destinations themselves that you visit. You can also review companies, services, movies, music and pretty much anything else.

There are also just as many options for where to publish your writing. There are dedicated review sites out there who will pay you a set fee for each article which you submit to them and they accept for publishing. There are also general writing sites such as Hubpages or Squidoo that will publish all kinds of writing. These can be good because you will be part of a wider writing community who can help you to improve your work and learn how to promote it. They also allow you to publish all of your work no matter what it is, but you will almost certainly make the most money from writing reviews as they are exactly the right kind of content that advertisers are looking for and want to place their ads next to – and these sites will share the revenue from these adverts with you. They also allow you to add affiliate links from websites like amazon or eBay, so that you can get a commission for every person who buys a product which you have reviewed. If you think you can promote your work entirely by yourself, and you are willing to be patient and earn only small amounts while you wait for things to take off, you can also publish your work yourself with a dedicated review blog. If you go this route then you should specialise in one area so that you have a kind of brand to draw visitors. If you want to write about anything and everything then a blog probably won’t work very well for you.

Whichever route you decide to take you will need to do at least some promotion. See my author bio for a link that will help you to promote your work and make as much money as possible from it.

The most important thing with any kind of online publishing is patience and persistence. You might not make much in your first month, but if you keep going and build up your body of work that is out there and has been published then your earnings will build up with it and you will certainly generate the kind of income which you need to live the kind of life that you wish to live.


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