When you think of Croatia what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it’s communism and the fight for independence that dominated the political landscape in the last part of the 20th century. For others who have the inside scoop, it’s images of romantic white sand beaches along the Dalmatian Coast or the national parks and mountain landscapes that are unmatched anywhere in the world. But, did you know that Croatia is quickly becoming known as the world’s hottest extreme adventure destinations for snowboarders?  mm.hr

In fact, snow-loving adrenaline junkies from all around th from the fluffiest powder to the gnarliest jumps and natural terrain parks for freeriding fun! e globe are discovering that Croatia is home to some of the best boarding available, everything

Croatia is a hidden gem – both when it comes to its amazing real estate market and its relatively unknown status as a snowboarding and skiing destination. But, those in the know are boarding planes, trains, and automobiles (dogsleds are optional) to get to one of the premiere snowboarding locales in all the world. They’re keeping their mouths shut – sometimes not even telling their closest snowboarding cronies – because the pristine mountains of Croatia are just that delicious!

With a relatively low mountain altitude throughout the country, there are only a few destinations that you should concern yourself with. The following three locations are known worldwide by a select few as the best of the best in Croatian downhill for boarders.


Yes it’s definitely a mouthful, but once you arrive, you won’t care if you don’t know how to say it or spell it because it’s a boarder’s ultimate dream. Home of the Croatian Olympic Centre, Bjelolasica is as good as place as any to strap on your board and point yourself downhill. Readily accessible from all regions of Croatia, this center of winter mountain activity is a staple in the Croatian landscape. Ironically, the Croatian ski team – which calls this mountain home – actually practice in Austria. But, don’t let this discourage you – it just means that you’ll have more space to practice your powder-filled descents.


Sljeme found in Zagreb is located on the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain. Home of world cup events for skiing, it’s a relatively unknown (equals great opportunity for you to cut your own line) in the snowboarding world. In the world-class resort, Sljeme offers you all the amenities you’ve come expect but is paired with a genuine Croatian hospitality that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. Whether on the mountain or in the lodge, this will definitely be an experience you’ll never forget.


Head to Velika if you’re into spicy sausage or off-the-beaten path snowboarding. With a love wine and fish, locals around Papuk Mountain can not only feed you well, but will point you to a great snow-filled vacation. Definitely not the biggest of mountains you’ll ever board – truth be told, none of the Croatian mountains are equipped to shock you with sheer size – this is definitely one of the most quaint and pristine that you’ll find anywhere in Europe. Remove all the glitz and glam you find throughout the Alps and replace it with a feeling of warmth and a slower pace of life and then you’ll start to appreciate the magic of Velika and all the Croatian winter boarding destinations.

So, if you’re headed to Croatia, take time to enjoy the timeless romance of the Adriatic Sea or the beauty of the hinterlands. Take in the remarkable national parks and infectious warmth of the quaint towns and local folks. Check out the amazing real estate bargains that can be found in every corner of this beautiful country. But, when you’ve had your fill of these more placid experiences, grab your board, head up to the mountains, and – even if you don’t do it yourself – check out the thrill seekers and actio

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