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In this section, we’ll cover how to design your online listing, and the techniques you can use to promote your home for sale.  https://infusedk2paperforsale.com/

When selling your home For Sale By Owner, there are numerous techniques you can use to spread the word and let people know you are looking to sell your property. In most cases, people will first see your home listing online. More and more people are using the internet to look for homes online. Statistics reveal that over 80% of home buyers in the U.S find homes online. You can use an online listing in conjunction with other styles of advertising, and really maximize your chances of finding a buyer for your property.

Your aim through advertising is of course to cast your net as wide as you can, and let as many people see what a great property you have to sell. After taking all the previous steps in ‘The Ultimate Guide’, your home should sell itself once people have come through the front door!

How To Create a Listing

When you have decided to advertise online, the goal initially is to catch people’s attention. When people are scanning the listings in any paper or online listing section on a website, their eyes are just wandering through the vast list of images and titles. Essentially, your picture is the biggest selling point. From there the title is of secondary importance, then the eye moves onto the body copy. You must communicate simply and effectively – you probably only have a split-second opportunity! So the importance of a great picture cannot be overstated. Your headline is of great importance too.

Make sure that all spelling and grammar are correct – as you have done with the interior of your property, have a friend look over it. You may be surprised by what you’ve missed, or perhaps they can remind of a great feature you’ve forgotten. You can also do some research into local websites that are showing listings by agents in your town. This is an excellent way to see what works in a listing. You can imagine that you are a buyer – see what catches your eye, what copy works, and the wording. Just type in ‘real estate’ and your local town into Google, and you will be inundated with websites that are advertising property for sale. Have a look, and see how people are selling their homes.

When writing your listing, keep things very simple, but not too friendly or casual. It’s good to try and be as professional as possible. Be brief and concise. You should include all the relevant facts about your property, and what makes it unique. You can list how many bathrooms and bedrooms it has, and square footage.

Consider the following questions:

What are the special features of your property? Is there are garden? Large living spaces? Any office space? Are there rooms that could convert into other things? Perhaps a larger space? New kitchen? Great bathroom? Good light, large rooms?

List anything you think might be a good selling point and of interest. You should only include positive points. Are there any new developments near by? What can people do for entertainment? Is there shopping near by? Have you made any value-adding renovations? What is the potential to a possible buyer might like?

Creating Photographs

Your main picture is your greatest selling point. A picture paints a thousand words, so let people see your property at it’s best. Always use the maximum number of pictures that you can.

You should of course include pictures of the interior and exterior. You can include just one exterior, if you think that will cover as much as people need to see. Use the rest for the interior, which will inevitably need more pictures allocated to it.

Remember to include all the parts of the interior and exterior you think are great selling points. Perhaps you have a great garden too!

Make all interiors as bright as possible. If you have curtains, open them up as wide as possible. If you have blinds, it’s recommended to pull them right up, and take the photo. (And have clean windows!). If the rooms are still to dark, then put on all the lights. If it’s a bright day outside, then you’ll need to turn your digital camera away from the light, to brighten up the picture.

For the exterior shots (and the interior ones, if possible) wait for a sunny day! What a difference it will make to your photographs. Under no circumstances should you upload pictures that are dark and glum. You may of course have certain time limits as to how long you can wait for a sunny day depending on your climate! But if you can, keep them bright.

For the exterior you will have by now tidied up and possibly added new features to your garden. Keep the exterior uncluttered and clean. Move your car if it’s in the way. Be creative, and have fun with the pictures.

Listing Online

Creating an online listing will allow you to reach a potentially huge audience. You can create in minutes an online advertisement, and sell your property to the world. As the internet expands and more and more people have access online information, the potential for online selling grows everyday.

You can try not only online listings – why not try your local paper? It’s cheap, and can help your exposure even more. Again, do some light research. What are other people doing to attract attention? You don’t need a picture for a local paper – a few lines of creative copy in black and white will do. Remember, you don’t need a full color, half-page ad to catch someone’s eye in your local paper. People tend to take more time looking through listings when they’re sat down reading a paper. A simple 3 or 4 lines of copy in an ad will do.

Tell Your Friends

You can also make sure that your social network knows all about your listing too. How many people do you have in your phone contact list? In your email list? It’s time for a circular text and email! Friends of friends can know someone moving to your area! It happens more than you think. Email all your friends with the link to your listings page. (You do this by going to your listing page online, selecting the type in the address bar of the browser by double-clicking in there, selecting ‘copy’ from the drop down menu under ‘edit’. You then creating an email to your friends, and select ‘Paste’ from under the same ‘edit’ menu, where you want to paste into the email your website address.) Your friends can then pass emails onto other friends they may know who are looking for property to buy in your area.

Changing Your Voicemail

With most online listings, you can choose to include your contact details on the listing. Some people prefer to use the ’email forwarding’ service on offer on most good sites. This enables you to keep your contact details confidential, and people can still send you messages through a ‘contact the seller’ window, where they are forwarded onto the email address you have supplied. If you do choose to note your phone number on the listing, remember to change your voicemail message on your cell / mobile phone, so if you miss any callers, they will know they’re got the right number. Be sure to check your emails and voicemail regularly, and reply to all messages of inquiry your receive.


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