I remember in the future after I          HOW TO FORCE-FEED A CAT?         discovered my neigbour dead in his appartment in the sleeping room, there will nevertheless 2 cats inside the dwelling room (all doorways were closed) with out meals and with out water. My neighbour died on friday night time and I located him dead on tuesday nighttime this means that that 4 days had surpassed. Ofcourse at some point after they still ought to have had a touch bit of food left and also water, but once I saw them, they didn’t even appearance horrific. Yes they had been hungry, lamentably enough, but I took them to my residence and fed them, however the whole lot was OK.

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Aaryan Nikam
Answered 1 yr in the past
My cat lived upto 20 days with out meals and water she become caught in a near room close to our building outside. It’s peculiar to peer that she became alive

so shocked and Hapy

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Denise Murray-Rice
, Knows over a thousand records. I am obsesse with them and reaserch them in my unfastened time.
Answered five years in the past · Author has 91 answers and 673K answer views
Cats can closing a short while without food and can probably live to tell the tale for weeks with out consuming. Water is far extra essential to their health and physical properly-being but, and a cat that is going a number days with out something to drink won’t live on.

If you’re involved that a cat hasn’t been ingesting or consuming, and it is not showing any signs and symptoms of being starved or dehydrated, then attempt imparting it a can of tuna water – don’t buy the tuna in oil – and notice if you could inspire them to drink that manner. Not handiest the water will hydrate them, it will also include a few lots-needed vitamins from the f

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Can cats move greater than 7 days without water?
My cat is ill and he hasn’t eaten/drank the complete day and he slightly walks around and simply lays round. Has a person’s else cat had a comparable problem before?
How lengthy can an person residence cat cross with out meals or water?
My kitten seems to be paralyzed, is meowing, but won’t move. She is 6-7 weeks and an emergency appointment in 2 h. What need to I do?
My cat hasn’t eaten, drank water and hasn’t used the litter box in more than one days and she is throwing up yellowish foaming bile?
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Kimberley Freeman
, Lost Cat Search & Rescue (2012-present)
Answered 7 months ago
I’m a professional misplaced cat finder, so I’ve visible many scenarios. It’s actually splendid how long a cat can continue to exist— even when not able to get admission to insects or condensation, including being locked in an attic, basement or shed (as many are, by chance).

The document for honestly ZERO meals or water to my information is slightly over EIGHT WEEKS. The cat had long past missing at some point of a celebration at a cabin in the mountains and those had been out scouring the countryside for days.

It turned into many weeks later whilst someone wanted a blanket from a chest and opened it to see the still (slightly) alive kitty inner.

I tell my misplaced cat clie

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, Veterinary Student
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Most animals die within 3 days of total withdrawal of water. However if it has consistent get entry to to water, how long it’ll last with out meals is pretty depending on body condition. A lot of cat owners are guilty of this atrocity

This is not funny. This is not lovely. This is Buddha a cat who died of heart problems. It became congestive heart failure that would be from the quantity of fats pushing on his coronary heart or it is probably genetic however he manifestly whould have a tough time catching prey if out on his personal. Fat is a survival tool our bodies use to “devour” while there’s nothing to devour. It’s dense with strength so

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Reilan Lachica
Answered 9 months ago
My cat is on his 4th day with out food and water. I do not know what befell to him. Last January 5 he began not ingesting. He’s heavy respiratory and cannot stroll. I can’t have enough money going to the vet. I don’t know what to do. As of now he can stroll slowly. Tried pressure feeding him however he vomits the entirety.

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Anne Wiebe
, 50 years as a cat caretaker, fostered a hundred and fifty+ toddler kittens
Answered April 16, 2021 · Author has 585 answers and 1.1M answer perspectives
There are instances of a lot a whole lot longer survival with out meals or water.

Cat Who Survived 36 Days In A Box To Be Reunited With Family On Valentine’s Day
Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL UPDATE: After surviving one month trapped internal a moving field with out meals or water after which spending a few extra mo…
I recall a cat named Cole whose circle of relatives moved from Hawaii to Kentucky. The cat had hidden in a drawer of a wardrobe, taken by using movers to garage, and changed into no longer found for forty days! Unbelievably, he was still alive, and recovered fully. Now I can’t discover the original news article on-line, however here’s a connection with it:

cat survives 40 days in a cloth wardrobe
Post through Larry R Harrison Jr It’s totally beside the factor, but my foremost notion is–why in the international would anybody leave Hawaii? Man, if I had the money to live there I’d NEVER do not forget leaving, not for any purpose, period. Not to get too a ways off difficulty, however it’s simply now not the dream-land it seems to be. I even have an X that grew up there. If you are white, you are the minority, and outside the tourist regions you are dealt with as such. Children had to be despatched to private school, as they wouldn’t make it home in a single piece each day at public college. He honestly hated it there. His dad and mom have pointed out moving as quickly as they could locate paintings somewhere else, however presently have a task it is too suitable to depart. ObCat: I did go to his parent’s location in Hawaii once, and they had an adorable little cat that loved to be petted, but while he’d had sufficient petting he took a big chunk out of your hand with his tooth, quite abruptly. He’d purr proper up until about half a second before the chew.
Https://rec.Pets.Cats.Health-behav.Narkive.Com/oo1ihclG/cat-survives-40-days-in-a-cloth cabinet
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Guy Caulfield-Kerney
, Getting pretty properly at saving them after all the heartbreaking failures
Answered five years in the past · Author has 2.2K answers and 6.8M answer perspectives
From experience, (unintended and trapped cat discoveries, so do not get the idea that I actually have tested this, I have not)

Benji, a 11 12 months old survived for 6 days on his personal water fats, he had lost loads of wieght in that point, however became alive and kicking, and p*ssed off. His revenge changed into to poo on the bed for all of that point, even though it turned into his own fault mountain climbing via a gap that locked him in a part of the residence wherein he could not then get out of. He regained all of that wieght, approximately 2 kilo’s over the next month. Surprisingly, he changed into extra hungry than thirsty.
I extrapolate that he spent maximum of

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Lois Anne Starr
, Artist, avid reader, scholar of existence, lifestyles-lengthy animal lover
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No a number of days with out water, every week tops. If a cat doesn’t have water it might not be counted if it has food. Usually they will die within every week.

If it has get right of entry to to water, it could cross multiple weeks with out meals, however no extra. They will catabolize their muscles, which may be very hard at the kidneys, inflicting hepatic failure. They are barely alive and in important situation by means of then, so survival is debatable.

There are very, very uncommon instances of cats surviving unintended confinement, however most perish after some days.

Cat survives monthlong journey from Va. To Hawaii in shifting field without food

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Greffe Nossu
, twenty years as Animal Health Technician in vet clinics and labs
Updated 3 years ago · Author has 357 solutions and 1.4M answer perspectives
If the health reputation of the cat is already compromised then it is able to not last longer than 1 to three days.

If the cat is healthy, then it’s generally after approximately 3 days that serious dehydration occurs while there is no access to water or fluids. They can move for pretty some time with out meals if there’s water, due to the fact they may be capable of live off their body reserves. But that sends their device into shock after some time due to the fact they may be sincerely slowly demise. The cellular regeneration system slows down, the metabolism additionally slows down and the brain starts closing off one-of-a-kind stimuli inclusive of appetite.

Soon, a lac

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Jennifer Usher
, I have had some of properly cherished cats in my lifestyles.
Answered four years ago · Author has four.3K answers and 3.3M solution perspectives
Thanks for the A2A. Without each, the cat would make it, at maximum, about 3 days. That is how lengthy they can stay with out water. A cat can live to tell the tale about weeks with out food. If a cat is consuming canned cat meals, it may get by using with much less water. A cat this is fed in most cases dry food wishes a constant supply of sparkling, smooth water.

This why I find it stressful when someone asks if they could go away their cat for a week, once in a while longer, as long as they depart masses of food and water. Aside from the psychological trauma, it is very feasible that the cat would possibly spill the water. If that occurred, even though the

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M. A. Steinberger
, Have had pets continuously in my existence for over six decades.
Answered five years ago · Author has 2.9K solutions and 5.5M answer perspectives
Debra A. Brown has it proper. 2-3 days with out water is it.

If there may be no water, food supply doesn’t remember. Water is the limiter.

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David Denny
, 7 satisfied cats stored from hunger as toddlers
Answered 4 years in the past · Author has 131 solutions and 161.5K answer views
There turned into a cat who travelled from Turkey to Britain in a delivery box, around 7 days if I take into account successfully. The vet that checked it over gave it a easy invoice of health.

I have seen a cat caught right here all day essentially looking forward to nightfall to get out and domestic. They sort of close down. This, twice.

I don’t know the whole story of our little Bingo, about four weeks old then, but she would cry all night time from someplace nearby and after 5 days we located her on a walled rooftop, the tale being that her mother had taken the other three but Bingo had fallen. It MAY had been that the mother or a tenant had

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Debra A. Brown
, former Worked Custodial at Disney World at Walt Disney World (2004-2013)
Answered 6 years in the past · Author has 449 solutions and 623.8K answer views
Maximum 2 or three days with out water, just like human beings. And sure, do NOT put this to the check!

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Tintalle Sheng
, Two stray cats and one canine.
Answered 5 years in the past · Author has 97 solutions and 640K solution views
This kitten survived 21 days without water/meals, and travels from China to U.S.


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Jane Watson
, former Health Care Aide/PSW (1994-2017)
Answered four years in the past · Author has 1.8K solutions and 2.1M solution views
I do now not recognize how lengthy it would be as it would depend upon their length and frame mass how lengthy they might go. But with ever species they could move loads longer with out meals than water. If you go with out meals for some time you free weight now not that large of a deal but with out fluids your kidneys and frame organs close down quicker.

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Chrystal Hays
, 40 years of rescue; Host and trainer for Rover and at Dog Vacay (2012-present)
Answered four years in the past · Author has three.1K answers and 3.9M answer perspectives
Good answers right here, and plenty of records from cruelty instances wherein people do prison or prison time after investigations.

If you recognize of a cat in this example, don’t be wimpy.

Call government, name landlords, damage home windows, document those responsible.

Do something you need to do.

Unimaginable struggling of an harmless childlike creature is not ok, and whilst reasonably-priced or silly people suppose happening excursion with out getting a pet sitter or boarding a pet is a good idea, results are grim.

Even if there aren’t any criminal ramifications, the harm to 1’s soul for the inactiveness is not going to be reparable in my

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Alimur Oodiarran.
, Canadian Health and Veterinarian Techniques
Answered 2 years in the past
But why did my kitten of 1 month starve even as its different siblings had been taking walks commonly and ingesting milk without a ordinary signs. This one became like crippled dead and had an unsupportive body. Because it died the following morning when I took it away from its mom for system consumption and tracking. Really stunning revel in.

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Mallory Crusta
, 12 years having cats and 4 years running a blog about them
Answered June 21, 2021
Cats can live for approximately 2 weeks without food—supplied that there aren’t any complicating factors—and they are able to stay for up to 3 days without water.

Again, there are numerous elements that could make contributions here.

For instance, obese or obese cats are at an improved danger of developing hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver sickness) after 3–4 days without meals. Without get entry to to meals, the fats in a cat’s frame will begin breaking right down to offer a few nourishment. Too a whole lot fat damaged down too quick ends in accumulation in and across the liver, compromising its feature.

While most cats with fatty liver dis

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Mildred Spencer
Answered June 29, 2021
The common cat can technically live on for one to 2 weeks without food in the event that they have a water deliver. However, without protein, it may be more like 3 to 4 days, even if they have enough water. With no water or food, it’s miles unlikely that a cat could live on longer than 3 days. The truth is, cats apprehend affection just like some other animal, and home cats might honestly see us as their real-life mommies and daddies. … So when an grownup cat meows at you, they are doing so because they consider you, they love you, and deep down, they understand you adore them too.

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Sasi Stephen
, former Retired Assistant Executive Engineer
Answered three years in the past · Author has three.3K answers and 1.1M answer views
Originally Answered: How lengthy can a misplaced pregnant cat live on with out meals/water?
Do you suggest food and water furnished by means of human beings? If so, she will stay to vintage age as cats are herbal hunters.

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Lynn Allen
, studied at Texas Longhorns (1959)
Answered 3 years in the past · Author has 4K solutions and 1.1M solution views
Originally Answered: How lengthy can a misplaced pregnant cat survive without meals/water?
Sadly, not long, but gloriously for decades, together with her own kittens with the aid of her facet! Lady, your cat isn’t always misplaced—she’s simply beaten. Cats are survivors, or there wouldn’t be any cats! One of in recent times, she may be at your again door, meowing for food—provide her lots, because she as a clutter to feed, When she thinks it’s Time, you’ll have kittens in your porch, as properly, Be type. And affected person.

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Pam Pritchard
, former Owner at Undisclosed Water Treatment Company in Texas
Answered three years in the past · Author has 1.9K answers and 3.9M answer views
Originally Answered: How long can a misplaced pregnant cat live to tell the tale without meals/water?
The answers you got so far are wrong. Domestic residence cats are dependant on people for meals, water, safe haven, safety, and hospital therapy. Many cats in no way research from their moms what animals are prey or how to kill them, or that they are really meals. Some may sooner or later stay long sufficient to present beginning, however her whole body is being drained to nourish the kittens proper now. Cutting oiff her supply of meals isn’t always the right factor to do. She will be lucky if she does no longer miscarry the babies early.

House cats are NOT wild animals and maximum cannot continue to exist long with out human assist. If she has been a go

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Jerry Hirschinger
, Home and Farm proprietor with large preservation enjoy.
Answered three years ago · Author has three.5K answers and 1.5M solution views
Originally Answered: How long can a misplaced pregnant cat live on without food/water?
Forever. There are usually lots of meals and water inside the wild for a cat to live on upon. It may be very commonplace for pregnant cats to discover a far flung location to deliver the muddle.

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, Keeper of the ninth Street, N.W. Colony for over 25 years
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What do cats do before they die?
Originally Answered: What does a cat do earlier than demise?
Over the years, I’ve had numerous cats and kittens. For the past 25 years, I’ve cared for a colony of feral and semi-feral cats, and in my caregiving, I’ve discovered so much from watching the cats. We additionally have indoor cats, and they, too, have performed this before their deaths: When a cat is sick, or if it thinks it’s dying, it will disappear. This appears to be an evolutionary preserve-over from while cats lived in the wild. Apparently, they would disappear so as not to turn out to be clean prey to predators. For the equal motive, cats cover their feces while finished (nicely, maximum do, but some just “crap-and-leave-it

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Annie Klembara
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 701 solutions and a pair of.9M solution perspectives
My cat has all at once fallen sick. He walks like he is drunk, falling down, no balance, hiding underneath the mattress, etc. He become first-rate the day past, what should reason this? I positioned an update in an answer.
Originally Answered: My cat has all of sudden fallen sick. He walks like he’s inebriated, falling down, no stability, hiding under the bed, etc. He changed into first-rate the day before today, what should reason this? Edit: development replace in my answer.
First, I’d want to thank people for his or her challenge approximately my Honky Cat. He turned into a very inquisitive kitten and usually moving into some thing. I become constantly telling him to “forestall, get out and get returned”. One day after announcing “get returned” to him my husband sang out “Honky Cat, you better get returned to the woods” and bam, similar to that, he had a call.

We had him neutered whilst he turned into 7 months vintage, he was any such appropriate boy We didn’t even have to use the cone.

I’ve had Honky for almost 2 years (he was simply barely 6 weeks vintage while we were given him) and he loves me. I’ve in no way felt love from a cat earlier than, they appeared

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Barbara Plunkett Turner
, cooking
Answered 3 years ago · Author has 1.4K answers and 1.5M solution perspectives
My cat may not flow; not even to devour or drink. She remains breathing, and aware, and cries occasionally. She’s old, but has regarded healthful earlier than. What is incorrect along with her?
She’s death. We had a cat 15 yrs. Vintage who actually grieved for my dog Josey as they have been 14 year housemates and we actually adopted them the equal weekend from the same safe haven, they came home from their spays, sniffed each different, (we took them at once to the Vets to get their spays) and surmised “OH! We should be sisters!” They nevertheless had the smell of the shelter on them.

When Windy turned into grieving, I went in one night time to check on her, smooth her litter container, change her meals, I got down at the ground, stroked her lightly, petted her, she meowed as if to say “I know you’re attempting however I’m just worn-out.” S

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Sabrina Muse
, Health management from UMC (2023)
Updated 3 years in the past · Author has 195 answers and 468.4K solution perspectives
My cat hasn’t ate for 3 days?

I had the equal issue few days ago. She is two months vintage. She wasn’t lively, and wasn’t ingesting. So, I checked her temperature by using setting my thumb in her ears, and damn she changed into hot. We gave her some medicine, and I made meals for her that’s half boiled chicken, and 1/2 or much less cat food. Grind it to paste. She didn’t consume that which turned into pretty surprising for me as I regularly make this for rescued kittens. So, in the end I needed to pressure feed her, and now she’s true, and gambling.

Visit to vets are price here so, I’ve a few revel in with cats so it helped. But, you have to take the cat to vet!

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Stacey Kmetz
, 15 + yrs of pussycat and dog rescue foster and care.. Additionally
Answered June 4, 2021 · Author has 216 answers and 71.2K solution perspectives
I’ve read that a loss of life vintage-age cat may also select to sit subsequent to a water dish, without even consuming. Why do they do that?
Juat as I clicked to reply to this, I saw the date on one in all your solutions.. However im going to respond despite the fact that given that it may assist different pet proprietors.

I’m unsure what age you recall to be ‘ old’ for a pussycat. They can stay to 18 or twenty years typically speaking.

So when a person says at age 11 thier cat is vintage.. Its normally no longer accurate.

Now.. I’m uncertain as to who advised you that approximately the water bowl. It is NOT accurate!

What you’re describing here has a term it’s miles called “ hunching” over the water bowl.

Often times they may plant themselves in front of it

Or actually have a wet face for laying besid

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Krystal Morrow
, Registered Nurse (2020-present)
Answered 1 year in the past
My cat hasn’t eaten, drank water and hasn’t used the muddle container in more than one days and she is throwing up yellowish foaming bile?
This passed off with my cat very lately. My guy is 17, with stage 2 kidney failure, so we knew it was time to visit the vet whilst he did not consume for a while.

Blood work found out pancreatitis and accelerated liver enzymes. The vet theorized his enlarged liver was pushing up in opposition to his belly inflicting the foamy bile vomit. He wished 2 weeks of antibiotics and we now preserve IV fluids across the house in case he starts offevolved searching dehydrated again. Yes, him being dehydrated should have brought on his liver trouble, which led to pancreas problems. Look up autodigestion and pancreatitis if you want an concept of how lousy

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Karen J Gray
, Kept many cats throughout my life
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 25.5K answers and 10.7M answer views
My cat is 18 yrs vintage. My cat has not been consuming for greater than 10 days. How long will it take for her to die?
When my final old kitty were given very antique, ( she lived to be almost 20), she end consuming too. She still drank water and I had sub Q fluids to offer her, just a little bit each day, approximately 25 mls most effective, in order that she would no longer die of dehydration, however, she lasted longer than I ever thought she could. She become a totally tough little female.

If I had it to do once more, I am not positive I’d let nature take its course, even though she was not ill and did not appear like any ache, it became just hell on wheels to observe her grow thinner and thinner. She slept most of the time.

We saw the vet frequently to consult on her care an

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Rose Magee
, Extensive research on male and girl reproductive gadget
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 787 solutions and 916K answer views
How lengthy can a cat survive with out meals or water? I got here home from being out of town to discover my cat shut within the closet by the maid (5.5 days). Emergency vet says the kidney is failing. Can an expert provide me recommendation on what to do? Can she continue to exist?
Hopefully that is some thing taking place now. She can live to tell the tale with the proper care. Cats which can be obese can really cross less time without meals. In a short period of time they’ll expand fatty liver sickness, the fats seeps into the blood, and subsequently kills them. It’s lots harder to forestall than failing kidneys because of dehydration.

The bloodwork used to diagnose kidney failure could come up with the maximum correct analysis. There are 3 tiers checked out in kidney failure. They rise on this order, BUN, CREA, K. K is the shorthand used for potassium, it rises in late degree kidney failure and is the most im

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Margaret Smith
, Retired After forty Years in Computers, EDP, IT, IS (2016-gift)
Answered three years in the past · Author has 790 answers and 1.6M answer views
How lengthy will my misplaced cat live to tell the tale with out meals? I want to find him earlier than it’s too past due?
In about 1980, one in every of my cats went lacking. Tortie changed into a totally exceptional tortoiseshell (calico) with huge patches of black and purple tabby and white, including a black splodge on her nostril. For per week or more, we walked spherical the streets close by, hoping that she might come to the sound of our voice, and dreading the possibility that we’d locate her body. We left copies of her pics with the neighborhood Cat Protection League, and with the veterinary surgical procedure a 1/2 mile away. We put up posters on lamp posts.

After 2 weeks, we went away on excursion, placing our different cats into cattery as typical.

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Jimmy Gray
, Owner of 6
Answered 4 years in the past · Author has 126 solutions and 123.3K answer perspectives
How long can an adult residence cat pass with out meals or water?
The question is, how lengthy are you able to remaining when your cat gets no meals or water? The cat will drink water from anywhere (a puddle inside the mud, for example) even supposing it is no longer thirsty!! If you ever get out any meals for your self, before the cat is really ravenous; MEOW! MEOW! MRROOOWWW! R-R-ROW! MEOOOOWWWW! Once the cat is bored stiff with no longer being fed, the cat will kill for food. Attack your foot, maybe; hunt any animals (like your pet hamster), fight you for your meals. Cats may be risky if you don’t treat them properly.

Do not depart a cat in your property for longer than an afternoon with no meals or water. Your ho

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How lengthy can an adult house cat cross without food or water?
I’ve study that a dying old-age cat may select to sit next to a water dish, with out even consuming. Why do they do this?
How many days will a cat stay with out food and water?
Can cats move extra than 7 days with out water?
Can a cat stay five days with out water?
How long can a cat survive with out food or water? I got here domestic from being out of town to find my cat close inside the closet through the maid (5.Five days). Emergency vet says the kidney is failing. Can an expert give me advice on what to do? Can she survive?
How long can cats go without food before organ harm?
How lengthy will my lost cat survive without meals? I want to discover him before it’s too late?
How long can a cat continue to exist without meals?
Why does my sixteen year vintage cat, drink a variety of water but may not touch her food?
My cat is sick and he hasn’t eaten/drank the complete day and he barely walks around and simply lays round. Has a person’s else cat had a similar hassle earlier than?
My cat might not circulate; no longer even to consume or drink. She continues to be respiratory, and conscious, and cries now and again. She’s old, but has appeared healthy before. What is incorrect together with her?
My cat might be 15 yrs antique next month however she is currently no longer ingesting however is drinking water. I must syringe feed her to attempt to get some thing in her. What else can I do? I am so involved.
Why is my cat sitting at his water bowl however is refusing to drink or devour?

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