Jewel tones are an easy and beautiful way to brighten up your wardrobe. Doing it without looking like a Christmas ornament can be a little tricky. The intensity may seem a little intimidating but during the holiday season, these colors are perfect! Here are a few tips to help you curate that perfect holiday outfit.

Add a pop of color with a bright colored accessory! If you are wary of placing a jewel tone next to your face, start low at the feet. A deep amethyst heel exudes royalty and looks beautiful against grey tweed slacks. A belt in a rich hue with a beautiful buckle or a pair of gloves in an intense shade can also brighten up a neutral palette without being too close to your face. A glimmering envelope clutch or sparkling minaudiere will hold your necessities and keep you looking stylish. If you are feeling particularly brave, a maroon cloche hat or newsboy cap is a bold finish to any outfit. Best part is, it can be removed if you feel self conscious about it.

Jewelry is the most obvious way to dress up an ensemble. Statement jewelry is in vogue, especially during the holidays. They are a dramatic way to focus attention to your face. It is best to keep your outfits simple if wearing big bold pieces. A dress in one neutral shade can be brought to life with a bib necklace made of bright stones. Just remember, if you choose to wear a statement piece, limit it to just one.

Makeup is another way to dramatize your look is through. Cosmetics come in every color in the spectrum, so you are sure to find the right combination and look for you. Use jewel colored eyeliners and mascaras combined with neutral shadows for a very subtle look. For more drama, pair an intense liner with a matching shadow blended from the lash line to the crease and finish with black mascara. Smoky eye makeup applied using a jewel tone in place of greys or browns is a very sexy look.

Remember, simplicity is the key to looking effortless. Choose one piece of clothing to be the focal point, such as a dress or pair of pants. You can accessorize with another jewel toned piece like jewelry, a scarf, hat or even a clutch purse. But keep it simple. This is especially important when wearing statement pieces. Do not wear too many at one time. Stay sleek and streamlined in your choices and it will work!

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