When I found out how to stop stammering my life completely turned around for the better. For years I had been suffering with this constant speech problem that practically ruined my social life, making it very difficult for me to meet new people and make friends. In this article I want to let you in on what I did to stop stuttering for good, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. https://logopedie-kachynova.cz/

You see, people who don’t have a stutter just don’t get this problem at all, which is why I think that speech therapists who haven’t suffered with this condition can’t really relate to you. I know this because I went back and forth to see a speech therapist for years, and that was hardly a barrel of laughs!

He told me that to learn how to stop stammering I should speak slower, try to make eye contact with people, and practise speaking exercises. So I tried speaking slower, and to be honest it did help a tiny bit, but speaking slower just sounded silly and I sounded like a robot. People thought there was something wrong with me and I just didn’t like it!

I wanted to speak like everyone else. I wanted to speak with confidence and most importantly I wanted to feel confident when talking to people I had never met before. Having a stutter made it a constant struggle to talk to strangers and I always dreaded ordering drinks at the bar or ordering food. Talking on the phone was literally out of the question and it was like a phobia.

So how did I learn how to stop stammering? Well after pointless visits to speech therapists I decided to go it alone and try to find out what the root cause of stuttering was. Not surprisingly I discovered that having a lack of self confidence and being generally shy can make a stutter worse, so I needed to learn how to become more confident.

This is what I recommend to you too. You need to tackle your stutter head on and raise your self confidence. Once you become more relaxed in your own skin you’ll be able to communicate more effectively.

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