There are many stock photography sites that will be happy to sell your photos as royalty free stock and share with you the received revenues.andnbsp; However, be aware that many sites will ask you to provide detailed personal information such as a scan of you picture ID or passport. Also, at many sites you will be requested to sign and fax back a signed copy of the site’s submitter agreement. These requirements are part of a continuous effort for limiting the online images fraud and aims to protect both image buyers and image copyright owners from the fraudulent behavior.

In addition to the submitters authentication, many stock photo sites will ask you to pass a professional online test, which should verify that you have all the required photographic skills and that you understand rules of the game on stock photography market. Do not be afraid of that test. If you know the difference between shutter speed and the aperture and if you can explain what is DOF you will pass this test for sure.

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