Subscribers can usually make computer to computer calls for free. Charges are applied when connecting your VoIP service to a public phone system, to either call landlines or mobiles. The service will have to pay the landline or mobile company to carry a call to a non-VoIP user (known in the industry as termination charges). This is why VoIP services have to charge a subscription, or charge by the minute, for calls outside their own networks. When making calls to these lines, costs are generally lower than conventional call chargers, making VoIP a cost effective solution to calling India. Many providers allow you to make unlimited calls, for a fixed monthly fee.

Setting up a VoIP device in your own home or office network, could not be easier. In most cases once you have purchased all necessary equipment, you can plug in and play. A well established provider will send detailed step by step instructions. When looking for a VoIP service provider, top of your list should be excellent customer service and helpful technical support. Look through online reviews to help you select the service which best suits you.

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