>The more we see a person, the nicer we would think they are. It seems to be logical in explaining why our best friends usually don’t live that far away from each other, and how lovers grow day by day. This is named as mere exposure effect, which is discovered by Robert Zajonc. He showed these facts while he was studying, but instead of women, he used Chinese characters. There were 200 more experiments conducted and the results were still the same! Our brains work really weird.

Of course reality is somewhat different from a science lab and there are many factors which influence how we judge a person – whether we like him or her, whether we think he or she is beautiful. Say if I ask you to listen to your favourite song twice a day for two months, you would know that the theory doesn’t always apply. There are things that we gradually grow sick of, no matter how we are fond of it. Constant bombardment does not always give positive results.

What if that girl who sits next to you in the lecture hall right at the beginning is nothing close to being normal, or even makes you want to run immediately? Then I supposed seeing her everyday will not help much either.

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