•  Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise – This is a franchise that allows you to sell Juice Plus+ products to people online and off. It combines franchising with direct sales and other elements of business that work well.

Link – http://www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com/

    •  Brightway Insurance Franchise – If you’re interested in building an insurance business, this is a franchise that lets you start and earn a profit faster. You will need the proper licensure before applying.

Link – https://www.brightwaydifference.com/

    •  WSI – Want a digital franchise? This is a digital marketing firm that will allow you to use their trademarked secrets to run your own business so that you can help local businesses market digitally.

Link – http://www.wsicorporate.com/

This is a very short list of franchising opportunities online. It’s not comprehensive but it’s just to show you how many different types of opportunities there are. One advantage of buying into a franchise is that you will have no reason to create systems and procedures. They are already in place, you’ll get training and you can get started making money faster without the huge learning curve.

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