The good news is that the keywords and other metadata can be inserted directly into the JPG file, so any image can carry its own metadata. This image metadata modification protocol is called IPTC and is implemented by some graphical applications, e.g. Adobe Photoshop. Editing IPTC data and selecting of proper descriptive keywords can take significant amount of time, especially if English is not your mother tongue or if you are much better in taking pictures than in describing them in words. The bad news is that the buyers will never find your images if they were loosely keyworded!

7)Prices and payments: what income you can expect?

Most stock photography agencies pay photographers on a per-download base, i.e. when a rooylty free photo or illustration is purchased by an images buyer. This is a micro-payment model and the microstock prices you get paid start as low as $0.20/download. Some stock photo agencies like Pixamba that believe in the fair trade double the contributors commissions and pay $0.4 per download even for non-exclusive images. If you were successful to create a real bestselling image you can easily get a few hundreds downloads a month, and your earning arithmetic at e.g. Pixamba can be $0.4 x 300 = $120 monthly for a single image. Shooting 10 bestsellers monthly could generate you $1200 monthly income from Pixamba only definitely not a bad return on a few hours investment.

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