Take a warm bath just before bed and if you can, try to avoid phones for the hour before bed.That’s easier said than done again of course, so if you can’t do this then at least avoid caffeine for 6 hours prior to sleep. This simple change (switch to decaf) will help you to enjoy much more deep sleep and to wake up rejuvenated.Another tip is to try and go to bed at a consistent time and wake up at a consistent time if you can. The body likes to work on cycles and rhythms and if you can do this, you’ll find that it automatically synchronizes other biological rhythms so that you’re awake at the right times and sleepy at the right times.

Speaking of which, I also highly recommend that you invest in a device called a ‘daylight alarm’. This is a type of clock that will wake you up by gradually getting brighter just like the sun in real life.

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