A Pool Party is perfect for those that have a pool available. If your child is young, a wading pool or two will suffice. Send out homemade invitations printed on bright colored paper in the shape of a beach ball or life preserver and even add more details with a 3d paint pen. Make your pool party really hot with some cool decorating ideas. Scatter beach balls all around and other pool toys and props. Add some inflatable palm trees too. Balloons are great at any party. Beach ball shaped mylars can be mixed with primary colored latex ones for a fun effect. Fun games are a must. “Diving for Dollars” is always fun though you might opt to use spare change instead. Serve food that reeks of summer fun like hot dogs and multi-colored swim ring jigglers. An awesome cake idea is a ring cake decorated like a swim ring. There are tons of great ideas for pool parties that can be found online and you are sure to spark up a few of your own to make your pool party a splash.

The Flip-Flop theme party is awesome for pre-teen and younger girls. You can find flip-flop invitations online or create your own. For decorating, there is a nice assortment of fun items in the theme online like flip-flop mylar balloons and flip-flop lights. A flip-flop pinata can double as a cute decoration and a fun game to play. Summer foods of all kinds are great for snacks. You can even purchase a flip-flop shaped tray online to serve a fruit tray in. Flip-flop cakes and cup cakes are perfect for the occasion. Games like “Flip-Flop Hide and Seek” will keep your birthday girl and her friends hopping. For pre-teen and younger girls, this theme is definitely a shoe-in!

Younger children love to play in the sand so why not have a party they will really dig? The Shovel and Pail theme Summer Fun party is an excellent choice for little ones. Bring in a sand box or two and watch the children entertain themselves for hours on end. Decorate with sand pails and other sand box toys and hang primary colored balloons anywhere you can. Children love balloons so you can never have too many.Let the children dig for small toy prizes at game time. For dessert, fill small pails with pudding and top with crushed graham cracker crumbs. Sand and Pail is a Summer Fun theme and little one would love.

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