Italy is popular for its rich culture, fabulous food, and diverse region. Universities in Italy are known for the quality of education they offer at an affordable price. Many students prefer to enroll themselves in different study programs with these universities. Each Italian university approaches the needs of students in a different manner. Italian study programs offer degrees and diplomas for general management or specialization. They offer courses for a duration of one or more years.

Duquesne, Gonzaga, Hamline, and Tulane are some of the popular universities that offer study programs for students from abroad.

In Italy, the Palazzo Rucellai Institute of Fine and Liberal Arts is situated in the heart of Florence city’s historical center. This historical environment is considered a suitable inspirational setting for an institution of higher learning. This institute concentrates on the Florentine tradition of art. The Institute offers an accredited US study abroad program that meets the American belief of academic brilliance and higher education. Palazzo Rucellai offers individuals with an exceptional prospect of participating in the collaboration of great traditions as well.

Universities in Italy provide a full learning experience. The program and syllabus is up-to-date, practical, and challenging. It is designed and constantly redesigned to meet the needs of the aspiring students.
Students can also enroll in courses relating to business, photography, literature and many more. They are all taught in English. If students have specialized in art, history, architecture, Italian language, or business, they will come across suitable programs that are designed to complement their studies.
Students who are not acquainted with Italian language can take advantage of learning Italian language. Many universities train students to speak this language fluently. All the study programs in Italy include 6 to 18 (semester) credit hours. Students can accommodate themselves in student’s apartments, which are shared by two or more students. Nearly all the universities conduct orientation program before or in between the semesters. They also include weekly cultural programs and access to computer labs. These management study programs may also assist interested students with visas and travel issues.

There are International Education institutes that are afflicted with abroad study programs in Italy. They offer loans as well as information relating to different programs. This is done for the very fact that it is becoming necessary for many institutions to expand their study abroad options. Many online sites provide information regarding the various study programs available.

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