Ever had someone provide you with bad news? How about desirable information? What’s the difference or is there a difference?

Good news – stuff or facts that makes us satisfied, content, reassured, at ease and demonstrated.

Bad news – the opposite.

So, it’d appear that there may be a difference between suitable and awful news – study on.

Have you ever gotten awful information however in the long run things turned out properly or higher than you expected? Have you ever obtained exact information and through the years what you concept become correct information ended up being now not so desirable?

From non-public experience I can tell you that I even have skilled all 4 –

Good information that was proper.http://www.jaridatakhbarak.com/

Bad information that was terrible.

Good news that I idea become exact but ended up being horrific.

Bad information that I concept was bad and ended up being appropriate.

Confused yet? Well I recognize that over the years I became regularly confused approximately the difference among these two obvious opposite messages. But then I discovered that on occasion horrific information for one person may be perceived as desirable news for someone else and that exact news to 1 person over time can be perceived as horrific.

Confused? Let me explain.

In the give up it is just information and what makes it bad or top or even neutral isn’t the information itself however how we understand it, judge it, compare it or react because of it.

How can someone understand bad news as top you might ask? Or the opposite, how ought to someone perceive suitable news as bad?

In brief – every folks has a unique records, studies, beliefs and values and as a end result none folks ever see the identical aspect or situation within the equal way.

Someone who’s a worrier, terrible, pessimistic or impatient may see a postpone as terrible when any other character who understands the idea of there are matters we can manage and there are things we can’t manage so why get all disenchanted about something you cannot control or if you may control it get busy.

In the quit everything that occurs – simply happens and what we do is interpret all of it based on our expectancies, desires, wishes or mindsets and all of those are specific for each people.

Let me provide you with multiple personal examples. And if you will bear in mind the explanation despite the fact that you may now not have had exactly the identical situations, if you may reflect onconsideration on it I’ll be you may relate.

Prior to staring my speaking and schooling career I was a countrywide income supervisor for an global agency. Long story but the quick aspect is I had an issue with my boss, the president and as a result he fired me. Bad information, right? Well that became all I needed to determine it changed into time to begin a profession that has lasted over forty years and has allowed me to look the arena (25 nations thus far) and paintings with some first-rate clients and audiences. So ultimately this awful news turned into simply precise information.

Here’s some other brief one.

Years ago I proposed to my wife and she or he stated sure. Good information proper? (No judgments here please). Well through the years after doing my satisfactory for more than fifteen years I decided that it become time to cease it and why? Well, with out the grotesque details, the relationship became step by step eroding my vanity, self assurance and constructive attitude and I determined that I failed to like who I turned into turning into in that courting. We parted, amicably – but we parted. Good information as I was able – over the years – to regain all I had lost – emotionally and spiritually.

We all have our testimonies and all of us can create lists of right news and terrible information we’ve received however ultimately it’s all simply information.

During a number of my company packages I proportion this simple idea – stop asking your personnel for suitable news or terrible information – simply ask them for the news and then you make a decision which it is. Because their definition can be absolutely distinctive than yours.

And vice versa – as an government or supervisor do not broadcast – I have some appropriate or awful information – simply inform your personnel you have some news and let each of them interpret it as they see healthy based totally on their personal viewpoints, attitudes, mindsets, enjoy, expectations and the way it’d impact them in my opinion.

I need to make it clean here that I’m no longer speaking approximately denial, surrender, recognition or apathy – simply the willingness to peer that there may be another facet of the tale, one you’ll be lacking because of your history, viewpoints, evaluations, judgments and so forth.

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